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Saturday 13 July 2002


My first lesson

I went 2 days before my 37th birthday on a flight Shelley had booked me as a surprise. A 1.5 hour lesson flying a helicopter! The 13 July 2002 was the first good sunny day we had had all year, so I was very lucky.

This has got to be one of the best experiences, flying an R22, 2 seater, helicopter. I have to say that I was only ever in control of one of the 3 controls at any one time and they were all very sensitive. Movements of less than 5mm could send the craft circling.

The trip was to skirt round Rayleigh, so I could see my own home and then along the Thames as far as we could get. Due to traffic at London City Airport, we could only go as far as the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge at Dartford, but that is within sight of the City.

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