Friday, 6 October 2017

Fix the dryer from a washer dryer

I like Miele kitchen appliances. We have only had a few over the years because they have been very reliable. Unfortunately our WT 2780 washer dryer let us down.

It was only the drying part. It still washed OK.

A little research on the Internet established that there was a good chance it was a thermostat and failing that the heating element. Even easier, the thermostats have a reset switch.

What I don't like about Miele is their secrecy over their service manuals. They appear to think that only qualified engineers are capable of repairing their equipment.

So like many people I have had to use guesswork to take it apart. If they made their technical instructions available, any competent person would at least have a better chance of fixing them with less risk of damage.

In order to help others, here's what I did to open up and reset the thermostat so the dryer works again.

First a WARNING: Turn off the power and remove the plug from the wall before you start.

The top needs to be removed. I'm not sure if the two rear screws need to be taken out or just loosened but I removed them using a T20 Torx driver

There is also a longer screw on each side, towards the front behind a cover. The cover comes out easily by slipping a small knife behind and gently prising it off. Again, I don't think the screws need to be removed, just loosened so the clips are pushed in far enough to clear the metal lip.

The top just lifts up at the front. and I suspect is intended to push back however with the screws completely removed mine just lifted up.

Once inside the thermostat is obvious and the reset can just be pushed in until it clicks.

I put it back together and gave it a test run. Working perfectly.

If it resets frequently I would assume there is underlying cause, however, so far so good.


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